School District to Create Preschool Center Expanding Early Childhood Options

Greater Dubuque Development’s efforts and collaboration with Dubuque Initiatives to expand child care availability for the area workforce continues to progress. This month, the Dubuque Community School District announced their intent to locate their new preschool center within the planned multi-employer childcare center at 7900 Chavenelle Road, site of the former Medline facility, in Dubuque’s Industrial Center West.  Children attending preschool at the center will have access to wrap-around care offered by the Dubuque Community Y, allowing children to attend the onsite child care center before or after preschool while their parents work. Children enrolled in the child care center, which is scheduled to open on January 1, 2024, will have access to free preschool onsite. 

“This is a win-win-win” according to Nic Hockenberry, Director of Workforce Programming for Greater Dubuque Development who has been working with area employers on the project. “The child care center gets onsite access to preschool, the preschoolers get access to high quality onsite before and after school care, and our area workforce gets more and better options to help them balance their work and family responsibilities.”

The new Pre-school Center is being developed by Dubuque Initiatives and is scheduled to open in the Fall semester of 2024. Employers interested in making this new center available to their employees can reach out to Nic Hockenberry, Director of Workforce Programming at Greater Dubuque Development via phone 563-557-9049 or at