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Letter from the chair

The 2021-2022 fiscal year can best be described as a year of transition.

As we successfully closed-out the “Greater Dubuque 2022” initiative, we began planning for the future with the “YOU can be great here” campaign. Against a backdrop of the lingering global pandemic, we have persevered despite all that was spinning around us.

Our business community has experienced unprecedented growth, with existing employers expanding and new employers joining the Greater Dubuque region.

Over the last five years, Greater Dubuque Development has continued to demonstrate the ability to meet and exceed ambitious goals. A total of four goals were set during the Greater Dubuque 2022 campaign; Greater Dubuque has already achieved two of these goals and remains on track to exceed a third. The two achieved (and surpassed) are median household income at $64,493 (the goal was $60,000); the second, construction spending for both commercial and residential development exceeded $1 billion (the goal was $800 million).

Greater Dubuque’s goal to grow Dubuque County’s population to 100,000 by December 31, 2022, was already pegged at 99,266 by the 2020 census with two years of growth to come.

Now the work of “YOU can be great here” begins with a focus on all we must do to guarantee the workforce we need. Addressing barriers to gainful employment, upskilling workers for high demand jobs, connecting college talent to our area employers, and attracting newcomers to live and work in our region.

These are all top of mind for our investors, Board of Directors, and the team at Greater Dubuque Development.

No doubt, life will throw challenges our way as we reinvent ourselves in a post-pandemic economy. Yet, we will work together to create the Greater Dubuque area as a region of choice that promises, “YOU can be great here!”

Tim Hodge
Chair, Greater Dubuque Development Corporation Co-Chair, YOU can be great here.

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