who we are Greater Dubuque 2027 Campaign

Greater Dubuque 2027 Campaign

'YOU can be great here' is a five-year campaign (2022-2027) with aggressive, measurable goals.

Campaign Goals

Setting our sights on the next five years

Greater Dubuque Development works with the community’s best and brightest to set and surpass goals. Our Greater Dubuque 2027 plan promotes growth, drives innovation, and partners with the region’s best employers and leaders to ensure a robust future for our businesses and citizens alike.

Goal #1 - A Workforce of 64,000

By promoting career opportunities and upgrading our resources, we will grow our regional workforce to over 64,000 jobs in the next five years.

The resident unemployment rate for February 2024 was reported as 3.4% and non-farm employment was 60,700.

Goal: Dubuque MSA Labor


February 2024: Dubuque MSA Labor Data


Goal #2 - $1 Billion In Residential & Commercial Construction

To foster the community's anticipated growth, we'll encourage and facilitate $1 billion of new residential and commercial construction.

Since the beginning of the Greater Dubuque 2027 Campaign (7/1/22 through 3/31/2024), Residential construction totals $197,056,180. Commercial construction totals $250,453,215. Total construction totals $447,509,395.

Source: City of Dubuque and Dubuque County, incoporated and unincorporated

Goal: Total Construction

$1 Billion

March 2024: Total Construction


Goal #3 - Population Growth to 105,000

Meaningful careers and vibrant communities will make 2027 the year our population reaches 105,000.

As of April 2023, the population was 98,677.

Goal: Population Growth


April 2023: Population


Goal #4 - Median Household Income of $76,000

With the increase in high-quality, high-paying careers, the median household income will reach $76,000.

As of December 2023, the median household income for Dubuque County was reported as $73,495.

Goal: Median Household Income


December 2023: Median Household Income


Goal 5: Reduce Poverty Rate

Changing lives through upskilling and the reward of work.

Reduce the number of households below the Dubuque County Supplemental Poverty Measurement by five percent.

Goal: Reduce Poverty Rate


December 23: Poverty Rate