Insurance and Financial Services

Key industry advantages

  • Insurance and financial service is a key industry cluster in Dubuque. Companies operating here include Prudential, Cottingham & Butler, Sedgwick, Heartland Financial, Kunkel & Associates, Tricor Insurance, and others.
  • Iowa is acknowledged as a leader in insurance regulation. The Iowa Insurance Division has earned a reputation for oversight that is efficient, responsive, and fair.
  • Iowa’s insurance industry output as a percent of gross domestic product ranks third among the 50 states. (U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis, 2012)
  • There are 40,300 insurance industry professionals currently employed in Iowa, which is a net increase of 3,700 new jobs over the last 15 years. (Iowa Workforce Development, 2012)
  • Iowa’s central time zone allows companies to stretch the regular work day to conveniently service customers on both coasts, as well as Canada and Mexico.
  • The Greater Dubuque region is equipped with dual fiber redundancy provided by CenturyLink. If an interruption occurs, service will be routed through the secondary line to prevent downtime.


  • Our regional laborshed includes an estimated 53,822 people in insurance and financial services fields. To learn more about the region’s workforce, please view our laborshed information.
  • There are more than 326,000 college students within a 100-mile radius and 32,000 in the tri-state area providing a highly-skilled workforce pipeline.
  • The Greater Dubuque region offers a unique, targeted, and proven employee recruitment tool for the tri-state market called
  • The State of Iowa New Jobs Training Program, administered by Northeast Iowa Community College, provides funding for various costs associated with new worker training and education.

State Business Advantages

  • Iowa does not charge premium taxes on sales of annuities or qualified life insurance plans.
  • Iowa’s premium tax is 1 percent, one of the lowest in the nation.
  • Iowa does not assess any additional surtaxes or income taxes on insurance carriers.
  • In the State of Iowa, there is:
    • No sales tax on computers or custom software.
    • No sales tax on interstate or international telecommunications.