Child Care Solution Takes First Steps

Our community has taken a major step forward in addressing the child care gap in the Greater Dubuque region. Governor Kim Reynolds has awarded $26.6 million through The Child Care Business Incentive Grant to 23 projects across Iowa intended to increase child care opportunities. Three of those projects are in Dubuque County and account for nearly $7 million of the awarded grant.

Dubuque Initiatives received $2,158,400 in grant funding and plans to create a Multi-Employer Child Care Center at Dubuque Industrial Center West. Initially offering 120 new child care slots, the facility ultimately plans to offer a maximum of 225 child care slots. The center will focus on gap coverages in the community, including infant care, shift care, drop-in care, and sick care. These gaps were identified in the child care study Greater Dubuque Development commissioned through Levi Architecture to clearly understand the barriers to available, affordable, quality child care for families and our community workforce needs.

In addition to Dubuque Initiatives, Cottingham & Butler’s Project Stork was awarded $3 million and Dyersville Industries received $1.75 million. Together, the three regional projects are forecasted to create up to 538 new child care slots in the Greater Dubuque region.

Greater Dubuque Development is committed to identifying workforce needs through analysis such as our child care study that can accurately reflect our region’s needs and support our solutions-oriented work. We are moving forward, filling the gaps, and showing how YOU can be great here. Congratulations to all grant recipients!