Success Stories

Celebrate Dubuque’s business achievements

Greater Dubuque Development is pleased to recognize the successes of our business community. Whenever a new business breaks-ground, or an established company expands, we are steadfast in our commitment to providing the resources and support that our local employers need in order to thrive. Below are recent success stories.


Richardson Motors
Expansion, December 2019

Richardson Motors opened their new 50,000-square-foot facility, located on Westside Drive. The long-time Dubuque business invested more than $7 million in their new location. 

Roshek Property, LLC
Expansion, December 2019

Cottingham & Butler and Heartland Financial USA announced plans to purchase the Roshek Building at 700 Locust Street in order to expand their respective operations. Under a new partnership, Roshek Property, LLC, they have plans to invest an additional $2.85 million to improve the building. They have collectively committed to creating at least 32 new full-time jobs through the project.

Expansion, November 2019

Hodge Company (Walter Development LLC) announced plans to construct an industrial facility of approximately 216,000 square feet in the Dubuque Industrial Center West at an estimated investment of $9 million. The expansion follows the lease of their existing space at 7500 Chavenelle Road to Duluth Trading Company and Crown Holdings. 

Unison Solutions
Expansion, November 2019

Unison Solutions announced plans to expand production space by 20,000 square feet and add 10 new jobs to their workforce. Unison has designed and manufactured over 300 biogas-conditioning and upgrading systems which are installed throughout North America, converting raw biogas into a usable gaseous fuel. 

Hormel Foods/Progressive Processing LLC
Expansion, September 2019

Progressive Processing, a subsidiary of Hormel Foods, announced plans to expand their facility and workforce in the Dubuque Industrial Center West. The planned $13 million investment would remodel their existing building as well as add new machinery and equipment. The expansion would add 58 new jobs to their operation. 

Duluth Trading Company

New Business Expansion, July 2019

Duluth Trading Company announced plans to open a satellite distribution center in the Dubuque Industrial Center West. The 102,000-square-foot facility will employ 12 full-time and 200 seasonal staff. The company, based in Mt. Horeb, Wisconsin, offers men's and women's casual wear, workwear, and other items. They are scheduled to start operations in Late Summer 2019.

Crown Holdings

New Business Expansion, July 2019

Crown Holdings announced plans to open a new facility in the Dubuque Industrial Center West. They plan to lease 111,000-square-feet of existing space and to bring more than 40 high-paying jobs to the community. Crown Holdings creates packaging for aerosol cans, beverages, food and other various products, employing 33,000 people worldwide.

Cottingham & Butler

Expansion, July 2019

Cottingham & Butler announced plans to expand to a new 4,400-square-foot office in Dyersville, Iowa. The satellite operation will bring more than 25 jobs to the community. Operations will start at the new location in Fall 2019.

ImOn Communications

Expansion, June 2019

ImOn Communications announced plans to expand their broadband network, adding a multi-million-dollar fiber-to-the-home initiative to bring their service to residential customers. The project is expected to take approximately four years to complete and will bring broadband access to all residences in Dubuque.

Dubuque Hose & Hydraulic

Expansion, June 2019

Dubuque Hose and Hydraulic announced plans to add 4,500 square feet to it's facility. The supplier of contractor and industrial supplies currently has 15 employees with plans to add 2-3 with the expansion. The expanded facility is expected to be complete by Fall 2019.  

Dupaco Community Credit Union

Expansion, January 2019

Dupaco Community Credit Union announced plans to invest $37.5 million to rehabilitate the Voices Building for their new operations center in downtown Dubuque. The revitalization of the Voices Building will continue to drive change within the Millwork District. Dupaco is proposing 40 new corporate headquarters jobs as a part of this project.

Prairie Farms Dairy Logo

Prairie Farms Dairy

Expansion, December 2018

Prairie Farms Dairy announced plans to expand their milk bottling facility, adding 18,500 square feet and investing $8 million. As part of the proposed expansion, the company would add at least ten new high-quality jobs to the operation. 

Camso Manufacturing USA

Ribbon Cutting for Expansion, October 2018

Camso Manufacturing USA hosted a ribbon cutting for their expanded manufacturing facility in Peosta, Iowa on October 5th. In April 2017, Camso announced plans to invest $6.3 million to expand the facility as well as purchase additional machinery and equipment. When Camso announced the plans, they employed 74 workers. Their current employment sits at 119 with plans to add additional workers in the coming months.

Modernfold, Inc.

Expansion, October 2018

Modernfold, Inc. announced plans to invest in a 29,000-square-foot expansion at its manufacturing facility in Dyersville, Iowa.  The expansion will accommodate new machinery and equipment as well as an increase in workforce. The first elements of the addition are expected to be ready for use in February 2019.

Heartland Financial Logo

Heartland Financial USA

Expansion, May 2018

Heartland Financial USA hosted a ribbon cutting for their expansion into the fourth floor of the Roshek Building. The Dubuque-based financial services provider has utilized space in the Roshek Building since 2012 in addition to their headquarters on Central Avenue. 

Portzen Construction Logo

Portzen Construction

Expansion, April 2018

Portzen Construction hosted a ribbon cutting for their expanded facility on Stone Valley Drive. The expansion added 12,000 square feet to their facility to accommodate approximately 30 new employees in both construction and office positions. 

Medline Industries, Inc.

Expansion, March 2018

Medline Industries, Inc. announced plans to invest in a new 130,000-square-foot facility in the Dubuque Industrial Center West. The medical supply company will add more than 100 jobs and invest nearly $20 million in the new customer service facility to be located on Innovation Drive. 

Universal Tank & Fabrication

Expansion, November 2017

Universal Tank and Fabrication plans to expand their operations at the Dubuque Industrial Center West. This locally-grown company manufactures high-quality pressure vessels and tanks for customers across the country. Universal Tank opened in October 2007 starting with 24 employees. Today this company employs more than 50 with plans to grow. 

Cottingham & Butler

Expansion, October 2017

Cottingham & Butler announced plans for expansion at their headquarters at 800 Main Street. For the third time in three years, the insurance broker will add to their workforce. With the addition of 20 employees, their total workforce will near 700. It is estimated that the renovation of space to accommodate the new employees will be a $2.3 million investment.

Flexsteel Industries, Inc.

Ground Breaking for Expansion, October 2017

Flexsteel Industries, Inc., along with the Greater Dubuque Development Corporation, held a ground breaking ceremony for Flexsteel’s Dubuque manufacturing facility on October 2 at 10:00 a.m. at 501 Seippel Road.

In May 2017, Flexsteel announced plans to build a $25 million facility on 22 acres of land in Dubuque Industrial Center South. This retains more than 200 jobs in the city, including those in product design and development, industrial engineering, office, management, trucking, and various manufacturing roles. Flexsteel expects to complete construction in late 2018, at which time operations will transition to Seippel Road.

American Customer Care

Expansion, June 2017

American Customer Care announced plans to relocate to a 22,000-square-foot space at 2460 Kerper Boulevard. The combined investment from the company and the building owner is more than $1,000,000 to renovate and revitalize the space. Over the next 12 to 18 months, the company plans to add an addtional 180 positions at the new location. 

Flexsteel Industries, Inc.

Expansion, May 2017

Flexsteel Industries announced plans to relocate their manufacturing operations to a new site in the Dubuque Industrial Center South. The company will invest over $28 Million to construct and equip a new state-of-the-art, 250,000-square-foot facility. The current manufacturing plant is located at 3400 Jackson Street. 
This announcement comes as a welcome development after months of collaboration by private and public entities. The hard work and partnership of Flexsteel management and employees, United Steelworkers Local 1861, Teamsters Local 120, Operating Engineers Local 234, the City of Dubuque, Dubuque County, Dubuque Initiatives, and the Iowa Economic Development Authority once again demonstrates the power of collaboration which is the secret sauce for a greater Dubuque. 

Camso Manufacturing USA

Expansion, April 2017

For the second time in five years, Greater Dubuque Development had the privilege to work with Camso Manufacturing USA on a major expansion. Camso plans to relocate to a new building within Peosta, Iowa and purchase machinery and equipment. The company estimates a $6.3 million investment in the project and plans to add 40 jobs.

Lamar Advertising

Expansion, March 2017

Lamar Advertising broke ground on a new 13,000-square-foot facility in Dubuque. The expanded facility will house office space, a shop area, and storage for vehicles. Lamar Advertising employs 18 workers and creates ad designs, provides installation, and sells outdoor advertising space. The new facility is projected to be open December 2017.

Roasting Solutions/Verena Street Coffee

Expansion, November 2016

Roasting Solutions/Verena Street Coffee opened their new state-of-the art production facility and national headquarters in the Dubuque Industrial Center South. The 34,000-square-foot facility is nearly five times larger than it's previous facility. 

Truck Country

Truck Country (McCoy Group)

Expansion, March 2016

Truck Country opened a new 52,000 square foot dealership in Dubuque. The new facility is nearly double the size of the former location and features 21 service bays, a new alignment rack, detail bay, a flywheel resurfacing area, and an enhanced parts show room.



Expansion, May 2016

Rite-Hite announced plans to expand their current production facility in the Dubuque Industrial Center.  The $8.9 million project will add 138,000 square feet of manufacturing space along with 24 new employees.

Cottingham & Bulter

Cottingham & Butler

Expansion, April 2016

Cottingham & Butler announced plans to add 90 new positions to their local workforce over the next three years and invest $2.4 million to expand their operations into the Roshek Building in downtown Dubuque.

This project is the company’s second expansion in Dubuque within the last 15 months. With this growth, Cottingham & Butler’s workforce in Dubuque will total over 600 employees. 

RIE Coatings

RIE Coatings

New Business Expansion, February 2016

RIE Coatings has announced plans to open a new production facility in Dubuque. The company will hire 12-15 employees initially and occupy approximately 25,000 square feet of space at 5301 Chavenelle Road, Dubuque, Iowa.

Roasting Solutions

Roasting Solutions/Verena Street Coffee

Expansion, January 2016

Roasting Solutions/Verena Street Coffee has announced plans to invest approximately $7 Million on a state-of-the art production facility and the construction of a new national headquarters in the Dubuque Industrial Center South.  The project will create at least 10 new jobs. 

Cottingham & Bulter

Cottingham & Butler

Expansion, February 2015

Cottingham & Butler has announced plans to increase their workforce in the Greater Dubuque area. The company will invest over $1.2 million and hire 90 new employees.

Established in 1887, Cottingham & Butler is the 37th largest insurance broker in the United States. The company is a recognized leader in the areas of property & casualty, employee benefit services, risk management, and a host of other innovative solutions— including those in emerging market segments related to health and wellness.

Rockfarm Supply Chain Solutions

Kunkel & Associates

Expansion, October 2014

Kunkel & Associates has announced plans for an expansion of their headquarter operation in the Dubuque Technology Park. The company will invest over $2.5 million to double their office space to 20,000 square feet. Along with the expansion, Kunkel & Associates will hire 16 new employees.

Tri-State Quality Metals

Tri-State Quality Metals

Expansion, June 2014

Tri-State Quality Metals announced plans to construct a new facility in the Dubuque Industrial Center South. The company will invest over $3.4 Million to equip and build a new, 44,000 square foot facility.  Along with the expansion, the company will hire 10 new employees.

Rockfarm Supply Chain Solutions

Rockfarm Supply Chain Solutions

New Business Expansion, March 2014

Rockfarm Holdings, Inc. announced plans to relocate their corporate operations to Dubuque, Iowa, bringing 48 positions into the Greater Dubuque area. The company will invest over $2.5 Million as they construct their new headquarter facility in the Dubuque Technology Park.

Progressive Processing/Hormel Foods

Progressive Processing/Hormel Foods

New Business Expansion, January 2014

Hormel Foods announced the expansion of their Progressive Processing plant located in Dubuque, Iowa. Progressive Processing, LLC, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Hormel Foods Corporation.

The company will be moving the production of its bacon topping products and SPAM line to the facility located in the Dubuque Industrial Center West. The projects will create 91 new jobs and have a capital investment of approximately $36 million.