Inclusive Dubuque

Inclusive Dubuque is a local initiative focused on creating a vibrant and welcoming community to ensure the area’s success today and into the future.

Since its inception, leaders from the business, education, nonprofit, faith, and local government sectors have been meeting to discuss diversity and inclusion in Dubuque. Together they created a broad vision for our community that includes:

  • A Welcoming Community – an environment in which all people feel respected, valued, and engaged
  • Quality of Life – everyone has access to resources and can enjoy a sense of well-being and belonging
  • A Strong Economy and Workforce – that attracts and retains global talent to position the community for continual economic growth
  • A Culturally Competent Education System – learning by honoring one’s own culture and valuing other cultures through civility, compassion, and respect
  • An Engaged Community – open exchange of ideas and opportunities that contribute to an inclusive community

Review and download Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion resources on the Inclusive Dubuque website. 

Visit the Inclusive Dubuque website for more information.

Nic Hockenberry, Director of Workforce Solutions

Nic Hockenberry

Director of Workforce Programming
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