A "Win-Win" for Accelerated Broadband Expansion in Dubuque

Monday, December 21, 2015

On December 21st, the Dubuque City Council approved a first-of-its-kind proposal for accelerating broadband (high-speed Internet transmission) capacity in Dubuque. It follows a new collaborative model, which Greater Dubuque Development, led by Dave Lyons, Director of Sustainable Innovation, helped design and create, where the public and private sectors work together to share infrastructure and reduce costs for all parties. The project enables Wisconsin Independent Networks (WIN) to expand broadband capacity and access in the Greater Dubuque area. “Constructing fiber networks is very expensive, especially in urban areas, even more so in rocky terrain like Dubuque,” said WIN CEO Scott Hoffman. “Through this partnership ... both the City of Dubuque and WIN can facilitate additional bandwidth capabilities into Dubuque in a cost-effective way. Otherwise, this expansion into Dubuque would not be financially feasible,” added Hoffman.

Greater Dubuque Development has focused additional efforts to improve broadband and Internet capacity in our area after hearing from local business and industry through our InfoAction program. “The issue of broadband access in the Greater Dubuque area, capacity, services and affordability has definitely been an increasing issue of concern in our discussions with area CEOs,” noted Rob Apel, Existing Business Specialist with Greater Dubuque Development. “Developing this new approach where we can increase access while also reducing the costs for the city and costs for the companies making these new investments seem to be a good ‘win-win’,” added Apel.

Greater Dubuque Development has reached out to all regional communication providers to inform them of the new opportunity to reduce the costs of broadband expansion in the Greater Dubuque area.

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