Greater Dubuque 2022 Objectives and Progress

Greater Dubuque 2022 is a five-year campaign (2017-2022) with aggressive, measurable objectives:

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A Workforce of 64,000

Engage a wide range of partnerships and resources to promote career opportunities with area businesses, recruit first-rate talent, and grow the regional workforce to 64,000 by December of 2022. Job growth is tracked monthly by utilizing the Iowa Department of Workforce Development Labor Force data.

(data a/o 7/26/2022)

Current Labor Force

Median Household Income of $60,000

Increase the Dubuque Metropolitan Statistical Area's Median Household Income to $60,000. Dubuque County median household income is monitored on an annual basis using the data released the U.S. Census Bureau.

(data a/o 12/10/2020)

Median Household Income

$800 Million in Residential & Commercial Construction

Encourage and facilitate $800 million in new residential and commercial construction in Dubuque County. Construction data is tracked through information provided by the City of Dubuque’s Building and Permits Department and the Dubuque County Assessor’s office.

(data a/o 05/10/2022)

Residential and Commercial Construction

Population Growth to 100,000

Grow the Dubuque County population to 100,000 by December 2022. Population estimates are provided by the U.S. Census Bureau.

(data a/o April 2022)

Population Growth in Dubuque County