Sustainable Innovations

Sustainable Innovations creates, fosters and prioritizes the integration of the best practices and opportunities to improve the sustainability and resiliency of the Greater Dubuque area for continued economic growth. It builds on the work of Greater Dubuque Development’s private sector initiative (Sustainable Innovation Consortium) in collaboration with the City of Dubuque’s Sustainable Dubuque activities and expands the private and public sector expertise available to analyze and recommend action on the area’s best opportunities.

Engaging all sectors of the Greater Dubuque area to educate, advocate and innovate, Sustainable Innovations helps facilitate economic growth in the smartest and most sustainable way. Innovations in bio-energy, broadband technology, waste management, energy efficiency, solar energy, advanced environmental manufacturing and consumer/citizen engagement are already underway in the Greater Dubuque area.

If you have a sustainable innovation that can advance the environmental and economic opportunities in the Greater Dubuque area or just want to learn more about this unique initiative, contact Dave Lyons by email or call 563-557-9049.

Smarter Sustainable Dubuque

Through the Smarter Sustainable Dubuque program, Dubuque is truly at the forefront of smart technology that enhances sustainability. 

Greater Dubuque also partners with the City by creating and supporting Smarter Sustainable Dubuque. The Smarter Sustainable Dubuque initative places the city at the very forefront of smart technology for managing city services. Working with key partners, including IBM’s Watson Research Center, the City of Dubuque deployed “smart” technology that tracked the delivery of services like water, energy, transit, health and wellness, and waste management. On the consumer side, users are given greater knowledge and control over their usage, while on the city side, policymakers receive new insights on how to conserve Dubuque’s resources, become more sustainable, and reduces costs to the consumer.

Click here to learn more about the Sustainable Dubuque initiative.

Greater Dubuque Broadband Providers & Contact Information


Bernard Telephone
Kyle Manders

CS Technologies  
Jim Neyen

Cascade Communications
David Gibson

Brent Giese

Keith Brimeyer

Frontier Communications*
Freeport, IL Office
*Serving East Dubuque and NE Illinois

ImOn Communications
Rick Thompson


Maquoketa Valley Electric Cooperative  
Jeff Geistkemper

Mediacom Communication  
Donovan DeMay
563-584-0589 (ext. 3368)

Sand Prairie*
Elizabeth, IL Office
*Serving East Dubuque and NE Illinois

Unite Private Networks  
Brad Knudson

Dan Wilson

Wisconsin Independent Network
Tom Schuchart