Business can’t run without the utilities that power innovation and output. That’s why our providers employ state-of-the-art services that take energy and communications into the twenty-first century.

Waste Water

Dubuque’s Water & Resource Recovery Center invested $65-million to upgrade the city’s wastewater capacity. The new facility features more efficient and sustainable treatment methods, reduced operational and maintenance costs, and a smaller carbon footprint.

The City of Dubuque Waste Water system provides:

  • BOD design capacity of 36,900 lbs per day, usage is 21,000 lb per day, available capacity is 15,900 lb per day
  • TSS design capacity of 29,400 lbs per day, usage is 19,000 lbs per day, available capacity is 10,400 lb per day
  • Waste water treatment design capacity of 12 million gallons per day, usage is 8 million gallons per day, available capacity is 4 million gallons per day

In event of a power failure, the plant and all major pumping stations have backup generators that start automatically. All pumping stations have at least one and sometimes two pumps as backups.


The City of Dubuque Water system furnishes an abundant water supply. Supply is pulled from five shallow and four deep wells. Water is supplied by the Jordan and Mt. Simon Aquifers. Both the United States Geological Survey and Iowa Department of National Resources have concluded that there area no threats or issues pertaining to the Jordan aquifer's ability to meet the water demand needs for the City of Dubuque. Therefore, Dubuque is no a Protected Water Source Area. The treatment facility uses chlorination, fluoridation, filtration, and lime softening processes to exceed with all federal and state primary drinking water standards. 

The City of Dubuque Water system provides:

  • Design capacity of 18 Million gallons per day
  • General demand of 6.6 Million gallons per day
  • Peak demand of 9.2 Million gallons per day
  • Available capacity of 8.8 Million gallons per day during peak periods, 11.6 Million gallons during general demand
  • Storage capacity of 18 Million gallons per day for usage & fire demand

City-owned Industrial Parks are supplied with two (2) 16" water lines throughout that form a loop system for redundancy. Electricity to the water plant is supplied from two separate power grids for redundancy and there are backup generators on site.

Two separate water sources provide water to the industrial park and are interconnected. The 16" water main on the south is supplied by 1.25 million gallon water tower on the Northwest Arterial, and the 12" water main on the north is supplied by the 3 million gallon water tower on Pennsylvania Avenue. These systems are separate. If for some reason one is interrupted, the other is continuously available.


Two main providers service the Greater Dubuque area with competitive and reliable electric energy: Alliant Energy and Maquoketa Valley Electric Cooperative.

Alliant Energy

Within the Dubuque Industrial Center West & South, Alliant Energy provides:

  • Three phase power on a looped system which is serviced by two separate sub-stations
  • Primary-Voltage-KV is 13.8 kv

Maquoketa Valley Electric Cooperative

Within the Dubuque Industrial Center South, Maquoketa Valley Electric provides:

  • Three phase power on a looped system
  • Primary-Voltage-KV is 12.5 kv

Natural Gas

The Greater Dubuque area is served by Black Hills Energy Corp for its natural gas service. 

Within the Dubuque Industrial Center West & South, Black Hills Energy provides:

  • An 8 inch main line
  • A pressure of 250 psi


State-of-art telecommunications capacity and services are in place throughout the Greater Dubuque area with multiple providers of fiber optics and telephony services. The City of Dubuque and communications providers have formed unique partnerships to increase services and reduce costs to area businesses.

Providers of telecommunications in our area include:

Renewable Energy

As a White House Climate Champion Community, Dubuque can also offer access to renewable energy resources and services ranging from solar to biogas. The Greater Dubuque area has a host of public and private programs available to business to improve their energy efficiency.

Solar Providers in our area: