Caring for our vibrant historic neighborhoods and businesses

In 2017, the Board of Directors and Investors of Greater Dubuque Development Corporation launched a five-year campaign simply entitled "Greater Dubuque 2022", using a quote from Walt Whitman's poem, "Song of the Open Road," as a call to action.

"However sheltered this port
However calm these waters
We must not anchor here..."

In his poem, Whitman celebrates the outdoors and the open road—a common path where people, regardless of social status, come together in a meaningful way. We can move together in the same direction toward a common goal. In Dubuuqe, that means a community where individuals and neighborhoods can start anew. 

Starting anew on the North End is the mission of Dubuque's True North, and the priorities to achieve it include:

Priority 1: Removal of blight and creation of affordable workforce housing.
Identify and take actions necessary to acquire, rehabilitate, and re-sell blighted rentals as single-family homes to Dubuque's growing workforce. Identify and take actions to support low-income residents' ability to afford to purchase and maintain these homes, including collaboration with workforce programming, financial institutions, nonprofits, and government agencies. 

Priority 2: : Identification and pursuit of the redevelopment, reuse and repurposing of commercial and/or industrial assets with the greatest opportunity for a “transformative” effect.
Identify key commercial or industrial properties whose redevelopment, reuse or repurposing would have the greatest positive economic, environmental and cultural impact for the community or neighborhood.

Priority 3: Pursue infrastructure improvements capable of creating the physical, financial and cultural environment necessary to enable new businesses to develop, and existing businesses to reinvest in the north side corridors.
Inform, guide and support public action to create a “north gateway” into the city of Dubuque that includes landscaping, street-scaping, traffic design, zoning and business assistance. Identify and implement innovative means to reduce costs and increase viability of new and existing businesses, including targeted support from StartUp Dubuque and access to shared space, shared organizational and administrative services, rehabilitation funds, broadband connectivity and management/mentoring support.

The North End of our community is a place of hard work and pride. When we find Dubuque’s True North, we will once again come to know and enjoy the people and places that have been overlooked for far too long.


Ed Raber

Director of Dubuque's True North
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See a map of the Dubuque's True North Focus Area (pdf).

2018–2019 Dubuque's True North Development Corporation Board of Directors

Kate Pineda, Chair
Dubuque Bank & Trust

Ernest Jackson, Vice Chair
John Deere Dubuque Works

Steve Baumhover, Treasurer
Fidelity Bank & Trust

Kristina Beytien
Upcycle Dubuque

Philip Boom
Emmaus Bible College

Tom Bolduc
American Trust & Savings Bank

Jeff Bullock
University of Dubuque

Jim Collins
Loras College

Mike Donohue
U.S. Bank

Kate Farber
Quincy Bag

Lynn H. "Tut" Fuller
Dubuque Bank & Trust

Joe Hearn
Dupaco Community Credit Union

Ron Kinsella
DuTrac Community Credit Union

Kate Larson
City of Dubuque Council

Dan LoBianco
Dubuque Main Street

Emily McCready
563 Design

Jeff Mozena
Premier Bank

Jane O'Neill
East Central Iowa Assoc. of REALTORS

Tara Verdia

Dr. Liang Chee Wee
Northeast Iowa Community College