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Welcome to Dubuque! Recently recognized by the National League of Cities as an
All-America City, Dubuque is thriving with a population of nearly 60,000 and a county population of just over 94,500. It is the center for retail, medical, education and employment for the tri-state area, while enjoying relatively hassle-free commuting and a low crime rate.


Settled in 1788 by French Canadian fur trader and early entrepreneur Julien Dubuque, the city still embodies that wonderful sense of his progressive, 'on-the move' attitude. Grown from a vibrant river town since the early 1800s, Dubuque is now the eighth largest city in Iowa. Dubuque continues to embrace its small-town warmth and friendliness while providing all of the conveniences and advantages of city life.

With its serene, natural beauty and historic, Victorian charm, Dubuque continues the tradition of the first pioneers who settled among its inviting bluffs. In addition to being named an All-America City, Dubuque has also been recognized as one of the 100 Best Communities for Young People, an Iowa Great Place, and one of the smartest Cities on the Planet.

In this section, you will find everything you need to call Dubuque home. You will find specific information about our city and county governments along with interesting facts about the area. You will also discover that you already have a knowledgeable best friend to help guide you with our exclusive Newcomer Services. So relax! You are not alone on this journey - you have a partner on the ground.








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Greater Dubuque Development
Greater Dubuque Development's staff understands challenges in relocating to a new community and can help you make a smooth transition. Part of Greater Dubuque's workforce initiative, these services are available at no charge. Contact us today to begin planning your move to Dubuque.

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