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Rick Dickinson Staff Picture

Rick Dickinson

President & CEO
As President and CEO, Rick Dickinson is responsible for the administration of the Greater Dubuque Development Corporation operations. This includes the successful implementation of our workforce development and business retention and expansion projects. Rick is also the principal liaison between the City of Dubuque and the State of Iowa on issues relating to economic development incentive programs.
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Dan McDonald Staff Picture

Daniel McDonald

Vice President of Existing Business
Vice President of Existing Business Daniel McDonald is the primary contact for existing business and industry. He is responsible for working with these employers as they expand in the Dubuque area. Dan also leads our InfoAction Program - one-on-one contacts with local business leaders - which greatly enhance our ability to identify opportunities within the local economy. Dan serves as liaison with state and local development organizations and associations.
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Kristin Dietzel Staff Picture

Kristin Dietzel

Vice President of Workforce Solutions
As the Vice President of Workforce Solutions, Kristin Dietzel is in charge of the Greater Dubuque Development workforce solution programs. This includes working closely with local human resource representatives and our local institutions of higher education to promote  AccessDubuqueJobs.com, the number one resource for posting and searching local career opportunities. 
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Karen Kluesner Staff Picture

Karen Kluesner

Vice President of Operations
Vice President of Operations Karen Kluesner manages the daily operations of Greater Dubuque Development, including payroll, accounts payable, and investments. She provides support and assistance to Rick Dickinson and manages staff schedules. Karen oversees all of Greater Dubuque's events and activities and manages all computer maintenance and upgrades.
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Emily Graves Staff Picture

Emily Graves

Director of Communications
As Director of Communications, Emily Graves is responsible for creating communication and marketing materials used to promote Greater Dubuque Development. This includes brand development and management, web site management, media relations, search engine optimization, and proposal creation.
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Mandi Mohr

Workforce Solutions Coordinator
Workforce Solutions Coordinator Mandi Mohr works closely with Kristin Dietzel to coordinate all functions of Greater Dubuque Development’s model workforce solutions program, including AccessDubuqueJobs.com, Newcomer Services, college outreach efforts, and the HR Action program.
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Bill Baum Staff Picture

Bill Baum

Existing Business Specialist
Existing Business Specialist Bill Baum works closely with our team as a contact for existing business and industry. Bill also works with our InfoAction Program, conducting interviews and taking action on both challenges and opportunities identified by businesses.
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Rob Apel Staff Picture

Rob Apel

Existing Business Specialist
As the Existing Business Specialist, Rob Apel works with Greater Dubuque staff to bolster services for the existing industry base.  Rob provides direct advocacy and solutions to our customers and also meets one-on-one with employers through our InfoAction program.  Rob also assists with our new efforts in Dubuque's north end and the Washington Neighborhood District.
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Jayne Ervolino Staff Picture

Jayne Ervolino

Administrative Assistant
Administrative Assistant Jayne Ervolino works closely with Karen Kluesner on daily office activities, including office correspondence, scheduling, the maintenance of information databases utilized by staff, along with many other duties. Jayne is also the welcoming voice you hear when calling the offices of Greater Dubuque Development.
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Dave Lyons Staff Picture

Dave Lyons

Sustainable Innovation Consultant
As the Sustainable Innovation Consultant, Dave Lyons is responsible for expanding the positive business and development opportunities available through Smarter Sustainable Dubuque, supporting the development of StartUp Dubuque and analyzing pending innovation projects.
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Jayne Ervolino Staff Picture

Community Tour Guides

Nelson Klavitter, Chris Apel, and Renee Meyer provide tours of the Greater Dubuque area to individuals considering relocation. They help make their transition seamless by equipping them with information on housing, health care, educational offerings, and much more.

Nelson Klavitter

Chris Apel

Renee Meyer