A Word From Our 2015-2016 Chair

Opportunity, enduring growth, and shared prosperity—that’s what Tim Conlon values most about his involvement with Greater Dubuque Development. As Chairman of the organization’s Board of Directors, Conlon sees firsthand that hard work, blending programs, working across systems, and forging new partnerships for success are the secret ingredients to raising the standard of living for all.

“In 2015–2016, we experienced some really notable success in the development of Dubuque County’s labor force,” says Conlon. “By attracting new talent and helping existing employees find opportunities to expand their skill sets, we achieved Iowa’s highest year-over-year employment growth rate.”  

The forward momentum created by Greater Dubuque’s efforts and influence can be felt in the Dubuque-area business community, among its citizens, and across the region. This momentum keeps Conlon inspired by and involved with Greater Dubuque Development on a very personal level.

When he reflects on the area’s success, Conlon likes what he sees. “Business diversity and growth are widely shared mindsets among Dubuque-area businesses, citizens, and leaders,” says Conlon. “Working together, we’re creating an incredibly positive and innovative dynamic that’s the envy of cities nationwide.”

Tim Conlon signature
Tim Conlon, Chairman of the Board 2015-2016

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